Amber Hill

Population: 47,000 (est.)
Established: Fifth Era
Ruler: The Divine Council

Amber Hill is the largest city in the northern part of the continent of Kardish.

Amber Hill is primarily the seat of the theocracy that rules the north.

Only established in the 5th Era, Amber Hill has rapidly grown around the power of the Divine Council. It only shows how much influence those on the Council have over the common populace. Before it’s transformation to the population center it is currently, Amber Hill was little more than a devout monastery dedicated to worship of all the gods.

The name derives from the golden glow the nearby mountains produce when in the setting sunlight. This glow comes from numerous phosphorescent rocks scattered across the mountainside from a meteor impact in the 2nd Era. Many of the rocks have been processed as parts of building exteriors to give the city a wondrous glow to match that of the mountain. Usually, the brighter your home, the higher your standing in the theocracy.

Amber Hill has 5 distinct districts:

  • The Council Chambers: Homes for all nine members of the Divine Council grace large estates all arranged around the Council Annex in the center.
  • The Temple District: Currently contains several small shrines and a large segmented temple dedicated to the pantheon.
  • The Living District: Save for the homes of the members of the Divine Council, all residences are a part of the largest district in the city.
  • The Archives: The largest repository of Divine knowledge currently known in the world.
  • The Markets: Provide various goods, trinkets, and services in a relatively open air-market.

Amber Hill

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