Vhuya Norvimal

Fallen Aasimar Paladin


born: 2386, 5th Era
death: -

Vhuya Norvimal is a fallen aasimar paladin who hails from the city of Acrae.

Once a member of the King’s Drakkenguard, she eventually left her postition when she grew upset with the King’s worship of the dead god Bahamut. This led to the formation of an underground resistance movement that desired the overthrow of King Maarin.

On the 30th of Lowsun, 2416 of the 5th Era, Vhuya made an arrangement with the Prime of the Legion, Obaris, in an attempted seizure of the throne.

Shortly afterwards, she was captured by a band of thugs while traveling the city during the coup. She was quickly moved to the Black Inn and from there moved with all due haste through secret tunnels to the port city of Benate. This was ordered by shadow allies of King Maarin. Shortly afterwards, a band of heroes came to her rescue and returned her to Acrae, just shortly before the arrival of the now deposed King.

Since her return, she has helped to establish a ruling council of elected officials from various areas of the city.

Vhuya Norvimal

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