Human Fighter/Sorcerer


born: 2392, 5th Era
death: -


Obaris is the current Prime of the Legion based out of Acrae.

He was born in Acrae during the Fifth Era and has grown in relative comfort. He joined the Legion when he came of age and quietly rose through the ranks, showing skill in the martial arts as well as the arcane. An expert tactician, he found numerous ways to surpass targets more powerful than himself. This, in combination with his natural charisma, made him a great leader among the Legion. When a proving came to determine a new Prime for the Legion, Obaris wished to not take part but was put forth by his compatriots. Through clever tactics and powerful magic he proceeded to beat every opponent to become the youngest Prime in the Legion’s history.

Obaris grew up with Brienne in the city of Acrae. They joined the Legion together and rose through the ranks at a near equal pace.

He has kept the Legion functioning effectively for numerous years and forming a close working relationship with the king of the Southern Kingdom, the silver dragon Maarinhusnok (Maarin).

In Lowsun, 2416; Obaris left the capital to travel for a brief time. Outside the village of Tako, he encountered a group of peoples searching for work. Not informing them of his true identity, he suggested they head to the capital to find work with the Legion.

On the 30th of Lowsun, 2416 of the 5th Era Obaris allied with the woman Vhuya Norvimal in an attempted seizure of the throne.


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