Dragonborn Fighter


born: 2364, 4th Era
death: 0, 5th Era (supposedly)


Marjahn was a dragonborn hero born in the Fourth Era and presumably killed during the outset of The Cataclysm.

He was a powerful fighter and a skilled diplomat who rose to be the guiding hand between a peace among the different races.

Marjahn started his life as an adventurer at an early age and continued to rise through the nobility by the addition of titles and lands given to him as payment for his deeds. He is counted as being the most powerful of all dragonborn heroes and many attempt to trace lineage to him, even though he is not recorded as having sired any children. Near the end of the Fourth Era, before the Cataclysm, his skill as a leader was established as he helped broker a truce between multiple races and disparate nations. The alliance established a great port city in the southern portion of the continent, where Marjahn was given a grand estate that overlooked the whole city.

He now lives in a time-locked area of his home that is set at the very outset of the Cataclysm. It is currently only accessible via a portal created by powerful conjuration magic.


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