King Maarinhusnok (Maarin)

Silver Dragon


born: 2120, 5th Era
death: -


King of the southern kingdom on the continent of Kardish.

Born as the only wyrmling to his father, the previous ruler, he ascended to the throne while still young as his father’s good fortunes finally brought about his doom.

He is considered to be a just ruler, who many see as heretical due to his worship of the dead god Bahamut. He has erected a large temple to him within the temple district of Acrae.

He usually appears before the populace and more common folk as a silver haired human with defined features. He only reverts to his dragon form during intense negotiations, if someone gets him angry, or in private seclusion.

He employs a loyal cadre of soldiers who are called his Drakkenguard. For most of the duties in the standing military or local police-work, Maarin has enlisted the workforce of the sizable Legion. Obaris has mantained a steady work flow among his troops, but still remains a separate entity.

Maarin one day wishes for his Kingdom to encompass the entire continent of Kardish, but he is currently embroiled in a cold war with the theocracy to the north that deny his worship of Bahamut.

In the year 2416 of the 5th Era, a former member of his Drakkenguard started a coup against his rule. Sealing off his Keep, to include the only thoroughfare into Acrae, he has remained behind his walls. He has offered no chance at parlay or sought the destruction of Legion troops in the city.

King Maarinhusnok (Maarin)

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